"Inspirit" Onyx Stretch Bracelet 7" with Nepalese Bead

  • $ 42.00

8mm Onyx (dyed) Natural Gemstone
Gold Filled Beads, Nepalese Bead
Stretch Magic stretchy clear cord is a strong plastic elastic, it doesn't fray like fabric elastics.
Fits up to 7.5" wrist
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Onyx is also strongly associated with protection, because of how it repels and deflects negative energy. Onyx can be used to heal old grief and sorrows.
The stone is used to assist people who want to detach themselves from negative emotions, or let go of a specific person, place or thing.

Nepalese or Tibetan beads were handmade by the Tibetian artisians for many generations living in Nepal. Each bead is handcrafted with various materials as brass, sterling silver, turquoise, carnelian, lapis lazuli and coral.

Gold-filled is made by fusing a layer of 14kt gold to a base metal-usually brass-that results in a permanent bond. The gold layer on gold-filled products is thicker and will wear better than gold plated products. Many pieces of gold-filled wire jewelry from the early 20th century are still beautiful today.

Designed and Made in California.

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